Edith Snoek Visual artist

Edith Snoek

Edith Snoek (Holland, 1958) lives and works in Alphen aan den Rijn. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in 2003.

Edith is interested in depicting women and girls in her paintings; she also explores the themes of tenderness and vulnerability in her work. The figures in her paintings can be intimate and at the same time alienating, Edith’s artistic process involves layering textures and tones to lend an ethereal quality to her paintings. Her recent ‘Girl Series’ was inspired by Willem Wilmink’s poem, ‘Playing Girls’ which draws upon themes of memory and childhood.

Another reoccurring element in Edith’s work is the placement of associative objects that appear based on her precious memories. She is fascinated by contrasting themes in her images and often likes to include combinations using two or more picture fragments in her compositions.

Playing Girls (By Willem Wilmink)

Full of gloomy doom thoughts
I got into a street
where girls' were playing
and we got to talking.

Turkish and Surinamese
and some autochthonous
and they hardly know,
they were just there.

My gloomy visions
of a world that perished,
faded in the light of those children
a memory.

For those girls with nice eyes
and with their beautiful hair
The children will bear
For the next thousand years.